Airbrush Beginners course

Welcome to the fascinating world of airbrush artistry. I will walk you through the mechanics of the airbrush- familiarizing you with its basic workings. You will understand how to aim and shoot with precision, making moves that will gradually walk you into template work, and finally freehand design. This course is divided into three segments. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

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Beginner course introduces the novice to the airbrush and basic practice strokes. If you have never touched an airbrush before, or are clumsy with your strokes, take this two month primer and sharpen those skills before attempting shields and stencils. Blending and shading are the secrets of a good airbrush artist. 

Intermediate course introduces you to the controlled use of templates and shields. Masking secrets that the pro's use are shown and you will understand when and when not to use a stencil, the effects of soft and hard edges and how to create both.

Advanced course- dive into the creative world of airbrush artistry- using techniques shown in the first sections of this course I will walk you through several exercises showing freehand as well as stenciled designs, and combinations of both. You will be amazed at the effects you can achieve with this tool and even if you are not an illustrator, I will teach you how to "stencil" your way to big bucks using this amazing tool. 

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Note: Materials needed- good quality airbrush, like Paasche, Iwata, Badger, or any other name brand. ( DO NOT USE A HARBOR FREIGHT OR OTHER CHEAP BRAND)

Black ink- India Ink will do or other ink available in craft store. ( DO NOT USE ACRYLIC OR OTHER PAINTS AS THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO USE AND CLOG EASILY. ) 

You might try water based paints such as Createx or other brands of airbrush paints but I teach with urethane and recommend it. Do not use oil based paints such as One-Shot or Alphanamels. I recommend the first three months using water based material as it is low VOC and less harmful. Use ventilation if using Createx or urethane and work in an environment away from furniture or carpeting. This overspray will stain and cause issues for those around you. Use a spray mask even if spraying waterborne material as this overspray may contain material that is harmful to breathe in vapor form. Proper ventilation is recommended such as an exhaust fan or other exhaust. A change of air in the room will insure low fumes. If you are using water based material- have adequate cleaning supplies to insure your airbrush works next time. I recommend practicing in garage, basement or other room outside living quarters.

I recommend oiling or spraying silicone through the airbrush to keep it ready for next use. Before using it, you MUST clean the silicone out with mineral spirits or lacquer thinner to remove all silicone from the machine. I will illustrate this throughout the videos. Leaving the airbrush dirty will cause problems such as buildup of material around the needle and a difficult time getting smooth action. Your airbrush will last decades if cleaned properly after each usage. Being negligent in this process will only lead to repairs or replacement frequently.