Create Backgrounds Course

Adding backgrounds will create depth and interest to your work while capturing the attention of the viewer. I have created a library of work here that will show you just how much fun you can have improving the look of your artwork. Backgrounds are not just for panels anymore. I have used these techniques on expensive graphic work on motorcycles as well. Stun your audience - amaze yourself, and pocket the profits. This course will elevate your process to the highest level possible, and make you look better than the boring, plain pieces you might have been producing. Even if you are an accomplished pinstriper - This course will shoot you light years ahead of where you were. You will no doubt, create techniques of your own after seeing these ideas. Welcome to the fantastic world of backgrounds!

Subtle Stone

Subtle, stone-like backgrounds like this add a rugged but subtle background and lets your gold leaf or pinstriping stand up against a colorful, but unimposing base.

Pearl Background

This pearl background, mixed with various colors and textures give interest and life to your work. No need to use a solid plain background if you know this cool trick.

Dynamic and Rich

Using available materials, you can easily create dynamic and rich backgrounds to enhance any piece of art. 

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