Welcome to Brush Paint

This course will instruct you in the "painterly" style of rendering your artwork. Several lessons will gradually teach you the strokes, colors and layout techniques to accomplish these pieces. You will need a basic set of "craft store" brushes to do most of these. A pinstriping brush or liner will help you to do barbed wire and leather strap. A simple "car wash" sponge might be of use also in a couple of these projects. A full set of colors (enamels, preferably Alphanamel) will execute the color pallet. 

Please take your time, do the projects several times and DON'T let frustration slow you down. Like any form of graphics, this is a progressive course of instruction and you probably won't get it the first time around.

Remember, I have been at this for over 50 years, but the techniques I use here are the ones that work. Learn them and increase your income for your good efforts.  

Project Examples

Majestic Eagle

This brush painted eagle head served me well at motorcycle rallies for the past 30 years. Motorcycle and panel art will shine with this easy-to-do piece. It takes a little practice, but after a few tries, you will be able to knock this out in ten or fifteen minutes.

Parrot in Flight

Beautiful paintings like these are demonstrated step by step allowing you to follow along with the artist as he slowly builds each piece.

Mountain Mural

This brush painted mural shows mountains, water, rocks, trees...using available enamels or urethanes . Techniques for each facet is demonstrated and explained thoroughly. Real time demonstrations leave nothing out.

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