Chrome Course

Chrome is a challenging and difficult technique to master. But there are secrets of lighting and shadow that are critical to learn first. I will take you, step by step, through this process and make it all come together. You need to study chrome and learn the layers of color to attain to realistic looking, convincing chrome. This two month course will take you there. Join me in the shiny world of realistic looking chrome. 

Materials List

  • Airbrush - (any kind of good quality airbrush) urethane or waterbased colors as follows- white, black, couple of blues, brown, green, orange. (I do not recommend spraying one-shot enamels for this but it can work.)
  •  Material to make templates - I use X-RAY films, but plastic such as acetate or plastic sheets will work. You can also buy shields for making curves.
  • Xacto knife with good blades.
  • (Optional Spraymax Clearcoat for final finish- or you can have someone clearcoat it for you if you like)

Chrome Eagle

This eagle used to be my logo. The chrome eagle was truly stunning and made a great impact.

Let me show you the secret process of rendering chrome that will dazzle you.

Chrome Lettering

Chrome lettering like this is a matter of capturing the lights and shadows. I can make this understandable.

Chrome Skull

Chrome is a matter of thinking of shapes, showing their depth and position. Painting takes a little time and effort, but the results are stunning.

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Course Fee