Graphics Course

Graphics - the art of enhancing any vehicle with the goal of making the owner the coolest dude in town. You can learn basic and advanced techniques here, using free templates (a $50 value) that will launch your reputation as the "go-to guy" in town for graphics.

Several lessons and techniques give you the skills to mix and match techniques and templates to invent endless combinations on any vehicle.

I have used these very techniques and templates for many years at car shows and motorcycle rallies to greatly increase my bottom line. Take advantage of this simple, easy to learn method of growing your skill set and building a reputation as a great graphic artist. 

Materials Needed

  • Sponge (car wash variety)
  • Foam rollers (4")
  • Full compliment of oil based colors - (One shot or Alphanamels for example)

Ability to download templates and have them cut at sign shop or your computer (optional) Mineral spirits to reduce paints. Pinstriping capabilities for outlining artwork optional. Airbrush optional. 

Brushed Aluminum

This simple technique uses two colors and a flat brush. This quick and easy technique looks great on Harleys, Hot Rods, and 4x4 pickups. Guys like the tough, rugged look and you have the templates to knock this out like a pro. 



 Easy fades like this are awesome for flames as well as graphics. You can choose red to yellow, blue to purple, green to yellow, you name it! This technique makes you look like an ace graphics guy and it doesn't require an airbrush.

Drag 'n' Spatter

Using your imagination and whatever color combination you think looks good, this technique is very colorful and lively. Shown is pink and purples - done on a white goldwing for a lady at a rally, this piece was a huge hit

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Graphics Course Fee