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Steve Chaszeyka is a 55 year veteran of pinstriping and airbrush art. His credentials speak for his dedication and passion for this artform. He will share with you all the tricks, secrets and methods he has picked up along his journey to become a Master Pinstriper. Nothing will be held back- your careful attention to this course will insure your advancement to the highest level to which you can attain. Welcome aboard!

Discussions and Videos provide everything you need to know to begin pinstriping, advance your design abilities, or grow your business

This method has helped thousands of beginners with no experience to develop skills necessary to pinstripe by hand.



Let's begin by taking a deep breath, and understanding the basics.

This BEGINNERS section fortifies you with all the moves and techniques necessary to advance to the next level. Hand-eye coordination is stressed here. This is a tried and proven method of instruction that took me 20 years to develop. It has worked for hundreds of beginners and continues to be the absolute best form of training on the planet.


ADVANCED CLASS allows you to gradually move to brush practice, painting simple designs. You will be using the techniques you practiced in the beginner class to "stretch out" and experiment with patterns and grids to see your symmetry come to life.


MASTER SERIES. This is where you learn to construct beautiful designs rich with color and movement. The principles of line weight, color choice, my theory of building a beautiful pinstripe design using elements of construction are all spelled out in great detail. This class will be fortitied with follow-up videos of continual learning. The principles and techniques learned in this class will stay with you throughout your career.

This course is for you if


Materials Needed

  • Dagger style brush- Recommend Mack series 20 or King 13, or Von Dago sword brush or Excalibur. (or any combination of above- sizes 00 or 000 will do) If you need paint or starter kit including paint and brushes, contact Mack Brush Co or Alphanamel. They both have affordable starter kits. 
  • Panels - alum. or steel painted panels work fine. I recommend 6 by 18 inches or 12 by 24. Something like that.
  • Mineral spirits to thin the enamel paint. (I don't recommend practicing with urethanes at first. very expensive and smelly )

You can obtain grids from Powder Lines (facebook) if you like, but the course teaches you how to make patterns without using grids. Up to you


My sure-fire muscle memory technique will "HARDWIRE" your brain to develop and recognize lines that will teach you balance, symmetry and design in the shortest possible time.


Next we will move ahead to more elaborate designs. We will learn to use patterns and add color. I will show you how to develop your designs even further.


This is where everyone wants to be sooner or later. Mastering amazing designs takes skill and practice (learned in the earlier sessions) I have confidence that you can become a MASTER PINSTRIPER using these techniques.

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Pinstriping Beginning - Intermediate - Master Course Fee


This gallery gives you an idea of what you can do if you follow the course step by step.

Tribal Graphics

Adding tribal graphics to pinstriping adds "punch" Downloadable tribal images will make your stuff POP.

Quick $$ Rally Work

Rally work forced me to become precise, quick, and resulted in huge profits. This system arms you with all the tools you need to streamline your process.

Detailed Inspired

This is probably my most intense construction. I went way beyond my normal design to build this masterpiece. It seemingly floats above the flames

Gold Spear

Gold and two colors are elegant against this blue background. Done for Knievel Kustoms


YOU WILL hear this word over and over in your journey to become a pinstriper. There's a reason for that. No skilled craftsman, tradesman, musician or artist was "born" with ability. Driven by passion, dedication, and perseverance- you will succeed only of you practice the things shown here. There is no easy way. You have what it takes only if you make it happen. You can develop your technique quicker by using these methods, tricks and maneuvers. It' exactly what I did in the beginning, and still do to this day. I wish you the very best in your efforts.


Here is what I can tell you about loading a brush. Called "Palleting", it is the method of getting the right amount of paint on the hairs of the brush in order to produce the correct, consistent line on your project. Improper palleting is, to me, where most of the difficulty comes from. Too light of a load, too dry of a load, or too wet of a load has adverse effects in the delivery of paint through the brush hairs.

Review this video and make adjustments after a couple of practice strokes. If it is too wet, you will get a wet blob of paint when you touch down. This indicates that you have too much reducer in your mix. If it is too dry, (not enough reducer), you will notice skipping, and you will run out of paint before your line is complete. There is a happy medium between these two problems that you are striving for.

It is important to keep in mind some variables when deciding upon how much reducer is enough.

1: Are you going for a really long line? More reducer might be in order here because you want as much from the brush as you can get before running out of paint. BUT - too much will give you runny and inconsistent delivery.

2: Are you going for an ultra thin line? Here, a drier mixture is in order, and a slower process is necessary. You have to determine, by practice how much is enough.

This video will show you how I approach palleting and from here, you must adapt to your desired consistency. There is no magic formula, however, this video will get you started and you will quickly learn to adapt to meet YOUR requirements.