Scroll Style Pinstriping Course

You will be amazed at how your style will develop in this course. Practice sessions teach you to loosen up your movements while thinking two moves ahead. Scroll brushes have their own characteristics for sure, but they follow your movements flawlessly and make you look great once you know the tricks of handling. I have loved this style for many years, and while developing this technique have enjoyed the many color combinations and variety of construction techniques that have followed.

Your portfolio will glow with beautiful scroll designs and customers will want this style more than you'd expect. It's important to study the intricacies and nuances of this lesson. The effort will result in the most fun you can have with a brush. 

Materials List

  • I recommend Wizard Black Widow or Vortex brushes. Any size will work but I recommend two different sizes to show you how lines vary with different sizes. If you have other brands of scroll brushes, that should be fine. Any questions message me.
  • If you need paint or starter kit including paint and brushes, contact Mack Brush Co or Alphanamel. They both have affordable starter kits. 
  • Panels - Aluminum or steel painted panels work fine. I recommend 6 by 18 inches or 12 by 24. Something like that.
  • Mineral spirits to thin the enamel paint. (I don't recommend practicing with urethanes at first. It is very expensive and smelly )
  • You can obtain grids from Powder Lines (facebook) if you like, but the course teaches you how to make patterns without using grids. Up to you

Project Examples

Rich and beautiful designs can be achieved with this technique. It's not spaghetti and scribbles, but a well arranged and organized design of color and style

Brush control and balance are key. Learn the process of making wonderfully beautiful construction like these. Your portfolio will shine above all others. 

I love these designs and have for years flourished them on any manner of vehicle. You'd be surprised on how many Harleys and Goldwings I have painted with this amazing style. I have doubled my customer base by adding this style to my arsenal. Color, movement, and grace combine to make this a most beautiful pinstriping style. 

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Scroll Style Pinstriping Course Fee